Equine Health

Equine Veterinary Associates is committed to providing you with the latest health information for your horse. The following resources are for educational purposes only to help you understand your horse’s healthcare needs.

Please contact us directly for specific concerns about your horse:

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Client Education

Here you can access over 1200 articles on several equine topics from behavior to medical conditions, and emergency situations. Even better, these articles are full of great information that you can rely on to understand horse health. Each article was professionally written and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date high quality client information.

Helpful resources on what horse owners need to know like:

  • When should you call the vet?
  • Great tips for avoiding common health issues
  • Horse insurance

Interactive Horse

This interactive tool helps you view the various systems of your horse. You can also learn common health issues in each system.

Horse Health FAQ

Helpful resources on commonly asked questions.