Client Services

  • flexiontestrear

    Lameness Evaluation/Sports Medicine

    Pre-purchase examinations Conformation evaluation Hoof exam, hoof testing and consultation with farriers Digital X-ray and ultrasound Gait evaluation (in hand, lunging, under saddle) Limb flexion tests Regional anesthesia (nerve blocks) Intra-articular anesthesia…

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  • ambulatory

    Ambulatory Services

    Routine preventative medicine procedures: Vaccinations Ambulatory Deworming Dental care Annual coggins test for Equine Infectious Anemia Health certificates Other health concerns that can be evaluated in the field: Colic Lameness…

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  • diagnosticimaging

    Diagnostic Imaging

    Digital Radiography Images in seconds on computer Diagnostic Imagingscreen Contrast studies Bursograms Veinograms Digital Ultrasound Soft tissue, tendon, ligament injuries Monitor healing progress Ultrasound guided injections…

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  • picture_power_floating

    Dental Care

    Power floating Removal of sharp enamel points from the cheek teeth Bite alignment and correction Reduction of tall or sharp canine teeth Levelling of the incisors Extraction of wolf teeth…

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  • picture_scope

    Internal Medicine

    In-house bloodwork: CBC/Fibrinogen, blood lactate, and chemistry panel Bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitiviy Cytology Seroloy Biopsy and histopathology IV Fluid therapy Hospitalization of medical colics Hospitalization of critical care cases Upper Airway Endoscopy…

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  • breedexam

    Mare Management

    Breeding Soundness Examination Palpation and ultrasound of genital tract Breeding Soundness Exam Uterine culture, biopsy, cytology Hormone analysis Equine viral arteritis testing and vaccination Artificial Insemination Daily ultrasound in hospital…

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  • drhubblecolt

    Stallion Management

    Breeding Soundness Examination Semen collection and evaluation Hormone analysis Equine viral arteritis testing and vaccination Urethral culture Testicular ultrasound Semen collection, preparation for shipment, A.I. on the farm…

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  • surgury

    Surgical Services

    Castration (“gelding”) – routine and cryptorchid Laceration Repair Tumor Removal Surgery Umbilical Hernia Repair Patent Urachus (infected umbilical area on foals) Dead/Damaged Bone (“sequestrum”) removal Joint Lavage and Infusion Deep…

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  • EYE-OF-HORSE_22883904

    Ophthalmology Services

    Thorough exam with ophthalmoscope Hospitalization for treatment Palpebral lavage system We are fortunate to have eye specialists Dr. Kohle Hermann and Dr. Jim Swanson available as consultants. They are also…

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